The Benefits of Music Therapy

We created this Music DVD because we believe that music and singing is great therapy for everyone...especially for the elderly and for those plagued with Dementia or Alzheimer’s.  This DVD is a priceless tool for facilities or caregivers.

                                                     The Benefits are, but not limited to:

•  Improves brain function
•  Increases self confidence
•  Reduces anxiety
•  Lessens depression
•  Creates positive mood
•  Generates overall happiness

Just to name a few.

We know firsthand how music enhances a person’s outlook on their day.  It made a huge difference for our mom.  She would suffer from occasional bouts of "the blues" or confusion. Her disposition was greatly improved with just 30 minutes of singing.  Fretting was replaced with smiling.

We selected old favorites that trigger memories of comfort and an overall feeling of wellbeing. So join our sing along,  clap your hands,  stomp your feet,  do a little dance.  Just have a great time!