Maggie was our mom.  We, Lucille, Jeanne and Marie are her daughters. Together with our seven brothers and our Papa, we adored her.  Music and singing was a huge part of our family life growing up.  After supper we would all gather in the parlor or on the porch and sing the old classics.  Those times and these songs are some of our fondest childhood memories.

Unfortunately, our mom  passed away in the summer of 2014.  My sisters and I were inspired to create this DVD in her honor because,  even to the end, she loved to sing her favorite songs.  We saw first hand the difference it made in her day and her demeanor.

It is our sincere hope to further spread the joy to others who may need a little sunshine in their life.  To bring a smile and make their day a better one, simply by singing some songs and tapping their feet to the beat with us!
So join us for some light hearted, classic old favorites! Welcome to our sing along with “Maggie’s Girls”!

Our Story

Our Mom, Marguerite.